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  • Income Qualification: 
    Verifiable monthly income of at least 3 times the amount of monthly rent. Multiple applicants of the same dwelling may use their combined income to qualify. 
  • Credit Qualification: 
    630 or higher credit score. No bankruptcies, unpaid or excessive collections, no judgments paid or unpaid. We do not accept reusable credit reports. We will run a credit check.
  • Rental history:
    At least 2 years of good rental history or mortgage payments. No prior evictions. 
  • Employment:
    If income is derived from employment, we are looking for good verifiable employment history along with an up-to-date paystub or offer letter if applicable. 
  • Criminal Background Check: 
    After all other minimum qualifications have been met, we will run a criminal background check. The nature, severity, and recency of criminal convictions are taken into consideration, and the decision to approve or deny the application is based on an individualized assessment.   

Third-party guarantors will be considered for applicants who have no credit history or limited credit history. Third-party guarantors must submit an application, have a monthly income that is five times the monthly rent,  and must be a resident of the state of Montana and meet all other qualifications as given herein.